When was the last time any of the feedback was actioned on?

i follow a lot of models/cosplayers/SWers, so i see them going to onlyfans. still has it’s problems of course, but a lot of creators feel like it gives us more control. and truth be told, it’s a decent platform for a wide range of creation types, it just has a reputation for SW only.

other artists have just been making their own websites and storefronts as well.


I’ve honestly been considering just blowing off the dust of my old computer science degree and build my own site. I had done so via Wordpress one weekend and use the Patreon API because I was so tired of their layout and wanted a gallery and other things. Patrons loved it. But then the API broke (never really worked right), and I had to ditch it.

I may just create a new site from scratch for myself, import Patron user data from Patreon, and go from there.

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There is a 1st of month issue which affects api connected sites/applications on 1st of month, which is soon going to be looked at. Other than that, ~4000+ WP websites that use the WP plugin are functioning pretty comfortably with the api.

One thing is that hosting greatly affects how a WP site behaves. If there are any security measures (mod_security, cloudflare or other proxies/filters, any custom ip filtering or security measure that is server side or in WP plugins) then this can greatly impact how your site interacts with Patreon api. If configured overzealously, plugins like Wordfence can also make great and unpredictable impact.

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After working with you and the API software for hours trying to figure out how to fix an API authentication loop, I gave up trying to make things work. My site needed to have WooCommerce. And it doesn’t change the fact that I shouldn’t have to send my patrons away from Patreon in order to give them a decent user experience.


Ah i remember, many of the issues which you experienced 2.5 years ago in that ticket have been fixed.

Majority of issues people experience today come from either web host issues or caching plugins/systems. Even in the case of caching plugins, the plugin gives instructions to caching plugins to not cache gated pages to reduce such cases. Also there are flags set to tell proxies like cloudflare and ISPs to not cache pages, but its up to those services to respect those flags.

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As many others have said already, this has nothing to do with the the integrity or good will of the staff at Patreon. It has everything to do with those good intentions not connecting with their ability to enact any kind of significant change OR for that change to be relevant to the end user.

We have indeed gone through changes, but very few of them have had a positive impact on our workload. The front page changed, and it forced many of us to redo all the work we’d put into our tier banners. It also made it so that we had to lead people to other sites to find out what we were about, because Patreon now hides that information under three scrolls and a “read more” button.

Then the relationship manager changed, and all it did was remove or hide features that we’d been relying on, while introducing other features that were obsolete by the sheer nature of the platform (i.e, marking patrons as “complete” for rewards, while not having a reliable system to deliver these rewards and depending on third party pages to deliver).

Recently there was this topic talking about all these great tools for content delivery - except they’re not just offsite, but you actually have to pay for those services separately. Crowdcast in particular is an especially obtuse choice, given that if you have more than 100 patrons, you’ll be shelling out 90 to 160$ a month to invite them all to your streams. If that doesn’t scream “we don’t know our audience” I don’t know what does.

Meanwhile, we have this thread from Sept 2018 that has so far accumulated over 200 responses - many of them requesting the same core fixes or features: galleries, a functional API, a better notification system, public pinned posts - things that would be expected of a minimal viable product pre-launch, let alone a platform that has been around for 8 years. In this thread, we have 3 posts by Mindy acknowledging “what great feedback this is” and how it’s been passed onto the team, and one by Reyna solving a single particular enquiry without further ado.

As for Jack coming onto Discord, that’s great. But seeing a picture of Jack eating a salad, having him tell me I’m a rockstar and then getting a collage of our comments to pin to the fridge as a trophy does not really ease any of the sentiments I highlighted in my original post. Especially when all of that comes garnished with not one, but TWO disclaimers of “no promises”. If anything, it makes me feel more put off towards the platform and the staff for treating us like children gathering around a campfire to sing kumbaya and pretend we’re all in this together.

Except we’re not. According to this site, “the average Patreon executive compensation is $245,889 a year. The median estimated compensation for executives at Patreon including base salary and bonus is $243,145, or $116 per hour. At Patreon, the most compensated executive makes $790,000, annually, and the lowest compensated makes $34,000.”

If you need a comparative of why we’re not the same and why these “we see you” responses don’t cut it, let it be this: That’s regular income that the staff make because many of us dedicate our entire time to make the platform work. How many of us make that kind of paycheck every year off a platform that hardly does any of the work for us?

Our demands are not irrational. We’re the builders who are more than happy and grateful to work onsite, but need tools that aren’t rusty and a harness in case we slip off the wall. What is irrational, is Patreon responding to that with a thumbs up while they sit inside the building, watching us dangle off the scaffolding.

I will always hope for improvement and I’ll hold onto a healthy amount of optimism for Reyna and Jack’s comments about a better roadmap and communication to be true. I’d love to sit here next year, writing another post to say “Damn, you guys really pulled through!”. But I will also say that if this was the start of that intent, then I am already disappointed and highly sceptical of what shape this is going to take going forward.


Wow, this was incredibly well said, I feel you and it’s inviting me to look more deeply at my own unwavering belief in Patreon as a whole (I just might be a fanatic :sweat_smile:)


Subscribestar is the one I’ve heard a couple people moving to, and I’ve also heard of people using Ko-Fi.


Subscribestar has many of the same deficiencies, BUT they are very, very responsive. I’ve made two feature requests, both of which were added in a reasonable time. Most of my patrons are on Patreon, but I have a couple ‘beta testing’ Subscribestar.

We’ll see how it goes. And for those who care, they allow partial payouts.


@ArtwithFlo I’ve been looking into moving my tiny amount of patrons compared to you (!) and most competitors offer to move your patrons over for you, with special codes etc for them too. Depending on what website you have as your main art site, you might already be able to do it pretty easily. Feel free to PM me as I did a LOT Of research of where to go last year. Hoping to move this year.


I’ve been using patreon as a creator for 6 years now and it has been a HUGE Help in me being able to get off my feet as an independent illustrator. Patreon is fine on the surface, but if you’re trying to do anything more complicated than have a tip jar (IMO) then it’s really hard work to run. For me as an artist it is frustrating when we’ve been asking for various things for ages, or if they make changes that are done without asking us here (like the change of the front page), I don’t know, it seems like they’re not bothered. There is no customer service now and it was GREAT when they started. I’m moving away from patreon but it’s taking me a while to find the right place to go (probably going to build my own thing using word press possibly).


@Onyrica, your comment is so spot on I have nothing to add, other than to say Thank You for putting what many of us are thinking into words.



Actually, I do have one other thought:

I’ve supported a BUNCH of people on Patreon over the years, some of them with “small followings” and some of them “big names with TONS of fans” and I’ve noticed that the “smaller” ones are often doing WAY more to keep their patrons involved and engaged… while many of the “big names” use Patreon essentially as a Tip Jar.

This isn’t a hard and fast thing AT ALL, of course, and it certainly goes the opposite direction!!

But I wonder if the problem here is that the “big names” that Patreon often uses as headliners to show off how much you “can” make aren’t complaining because they don’t NEED the site to work as dynamically as the rest of us do… OR because they have staff doing the work for them, and a staff just does what they have to do to get the job done!

Just a thought.


i wish i had set up my account as more of a tip-jar than a complicated rewards filling system tbh. because that’s ~mostly~ what i see too. my friends with the tip jar model hardly have any complaints about the site. unfortunately, patreon advertises itself as this complex rewards delivery system with all these features! that… don’t really work. or at least, don’t do what we need them to do.

although i also recognize that a lot of really REALLY big top-earning creators were doing a lot on the platform. more complex rewards and they did not have patreon in their pocket because they still left. (jessica nigri, omgcosplay, megturney, ect)


my friend is featured in this as if they addressed her concerns or didnt repeatedly completely ignore her asking multiple times about removing patrons quietly and blocking them without informing them

e: im sure it will come as a total surprise to her that shes in this and being used like this lol. jesus christ

This really sums up a lot of my feelings and I’m sure the feelings of many others - thank you for taking the time to write that out so rationally.


I’m not sure if anyone has checked it out, but I am a huge fan of GiveWP, I use them for a tip jar in my livestreams…and I have even been thinking recently that it might be rad to build my own ‘patreon’ on my website, then I have full control and can serve my community!
It would be quite a custom thing to build, but if i think how much work I’ve put into Patreon over the years, it can’t be more than that!
Anyways, here’s the link to them (it is an affiliate link, which for some reason feels disingenuous, so apologies if it is inappropriate)
Love to all as we navigate this oh-so-ephemeral human experience on our way Home :blush:


I feel your frustration too. I have been desperately looking for a better solution since the Patreon website does not seem to be improving in any meaningful way. They added the search function after years of asking and it barely works. The other day I wasted several minutes helping a patron find a “candle” post that did not show up on search because she had typed “candles”! Seriously! It is beyond me how we still have no galleries or basic filing systems in place to make the patron experience easier. I am totally with you. A large number of my turnover is due to problems with their website not the quality of my content and that is just wrong.


I would be interested in your research. I’m talking to a web design group right now coming up with solutions for the issues my patrons are having finding content. I would hate to move my 3200+ patrons elsewhere but I have had such frustration from patrons that I think a lot of them would welcome the move.


@angelafineart feel free to email me (my website is www.emilyhare.co.uk you’ll find the email link there) and I can send you a cut and paste of what I’ve looked into as I have to a few folks who have messaged me here. There are DOZENS of options to patreon out there, I’m not looking at things like ko-fi as they are essentially another platform like patreon, what i’m looking to do is making it all part of my own website.