Where did these views come from?

For now, never mind the broader question about why most days nobody sees my content on Patreon. Notice in this screenshot it says I had 840 views in the last 7 days, with the graph indicating most of them were Monday. Yet these data are not otherwise indicated in the post by post list. Can someone please make sense of this image for me? Thanks.

I have three days where it goes off the chart like that as well and it doesn’t align with the post views, not even close. I haven’t done anything special to drive views to my Patreon, at least, nothing beyond the normal. I typically get 25-50 a day (not even sure where they’re comin’ from either), and then it shot up to 275-300+. I did my character of the month poll right before it happened and linked other posts. Is it possible the 30 people who viewed that post clicked on the links and the number includes all of those views? Or maybe it’s when I had to scroll through ALL of my last 3 years worth of posts to find something…

It would be great to have another engagement chart that shows most viewed posts of the week, not just of the recent posts. I regularly share older evergreen posts through Recurpost on Facebook and Twitter and it would be fantastic to know if that’s getting engagement.

I’ve encountered this on another site, and I wonder if the same thing is happening here: the post views are coming from a link to an older post that doesn’t show up on your recent post list, maybe shared by someone who has a larger following.