Which Creator Tool/Patreon App Do You Use & Recommend?

I’m excited to try out some of the creator tools in the Patreon App Directory, but I’m confused as to which one will help me with what I need to do.

I’m looking for a way to create email lists of former patrons, based on either their tier level, or month of support (or ideally, both).

Is this possible? Or can it only be done manually by exporting data from the relationship manager one month at a time?

I am looking at Zapier as the app that seems to make the most sense for this. But I can’t tell if I will need to add Google Sheets as a zap and/or Mailchimp as a zap for this? Can anyone walk me through this?

This would help me soooooo much. I’m just coming back from a long hiatus, and I want to email all of my former patrons with updates and reward content. If I have to enter that data into a spreadsheet manually to track it, I will, but if anyone has achieved this using one of the creator tools/apps, I would appreciate any feedback on how I can get it done!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi there! Great question. I would highly recommend that you check out the tools made by this creator: Patronizer You’ll be able to easily create lists of patrons to incorporate into your content. Check out the how-to guide at this link: Patronizer How-To

If you want to look into using Zapier, too, check out this walkthrough guide to learn how Zapier can automatically update an email list as you get new patrons: Zapier: Patron Tracking List With this tool, you shouldn’t have to manually update your email list anymore.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

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Thank you for responding! I will check them out and see if these are the tools I’m looking for. I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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