Who is running Patreon?

This month I lost 62 pledges, some of those natural drop-offs and some after the unwise fee announcement.

Those 62 Patrons represent $157 in pledges.

Last month I paid $550.83 in processing fees. Not counting the Patreon fee.

So now they reverse course after making many Patrons mistrust who they are giving their credit card numbers to in the first place. The genius who made this decision has not only cost me a large number of Patrons but now, I will see no savings from the original bad decision.

This was a big mistake from the start and now the lack of leadership has made it much worse.

Losing all trust in the leadership of Patreon.

Currently 1521 Patrons until the next time Patreon runs them off in hordes.

All I need is a viable alternative to take my business elsewhere.

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I just started a search for this on Google “alternative to Patreon”.

I wonder if it will trend?