Why does PAtreon charge my PayPal when I have lots of pledges coming in? :(

I would like it if you just used my account money!


I would assume it doesn’t do this by default because lots of people schedule for their earnings to be removed from their account every month (into their bank/paypal/etc) and likely will not have money still in their account when charges start.

It would be nice to have the option, if you have left money in your accoun, to have the charges come from that instead when charges start, i certainly agree.

Normally that’s what happens, the charges are taken from your earnings directly. This is the first month I’m charged on paypal first and separately, so something has changed. Off to look at my settings to see if I can re-activate that.

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Oh! This is good to know! I’ve really never had earnings remain in my account long enough for my charges to come out in this manner. (so this is news to me aha XD )

@ellie may have some information about this then, since it seems it was a previously available thing. :slight_smile:

Ok, I received my payout and my pledges were still deducted from it, on top of having been charged separately. I contacted the help desk. Is this affecting everyone or just some people?