Why is the link to this forum called "Developers"?

I was just trying to find the link to this forum from my Patreon account.
First idea was to click on my picture in the top-right corner, but there was no link there.
Then I tried to look at the bottom, that’s when I encountered the infinite scrolling issue I mentioned in another post.

Then I got to another page so I could finally reach the bottom of the page and found that the link
with the text Devlopers lead to this forum.

That’s strange. I thought it will lead to some API description.

Suggestion: Have a link in the drop-down menu of the profile picture and call the link “Community”.


Thanks for the suggestion, @szabgab! We did have a Developers forum, to discuss the API, that we’ve recently redirected to this forum. I understand that’s a confusion flow though, so really appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

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