Why you should make an Annual Plan

Planning for the future is the best way to help you achieve your goals as a creator.

We’re living in very uncertain times, but if you have a plan to work towards you will have something to focus on and aim for. We’ve heard that creators love making an annual plan as it helps them focus and get fired up for the future. In this video, @Jack_Conte shares why you should make an annual plan and how it can help you achieve your goals.

Jack will be making a lot more how-to videos with tips, tricks, and advice for creators. Subscribe to his channel to learn more!


I think you might mean @Jack_Conte, @mindy!

I was so tempted not to mention it but my conscience got the better of me… :sweat_smile:



oh - this is very inspirational - I wonder how I can transfer all of THAT into my completely different - yet essentially the same way of working! I feel like I am all over the place - with some great successes and some huge time wasting effort. And my knowledge base as a 64 year old retired midwife! It is not easy ! But I am so ambitious! I have a plan. I just have to take some of this advice and run with it!
or maybe walk with it. 64 remember.
feeling inspired and frustrated in equal measure!

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I guess that means you’re now Patreon CEO @Jack! Looking forward to your presentation on Monday :smiley:

So so glad you found it useful @katejackson1956! where you frustrated? would love to be able to maybe help somewhat :slight_smile:


Thanks Mindy - I feel like I need to watch that video again and write down all the tips. Lack of organisation, lack of knowledge, working on my own - all these are my challenges! But I hear Jack and know that I can be better at what I do and achieve my goals - they are big goals!
One thing at a time I guess!

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Yasss! Step aside, @Jack_Conte!


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I watched this video the other day and I thought it was really amazingly helpful. I’m still not sure though if an annual plan is something I’m going to do anytime soon- it feels a little early as I still have a year and a half of college before I’m thrown into the outer world to fend for myself. I am trying to hone my craft and grow my audience in the meantime but I don’t know if an annual plan itself is too ambitious at this point. I’ll have to sleep on it :smiley:


So happy to hear you found this talk helpful! An annual plan can be for anything - You can set key result to have X amount of followers in one year, to achieve a 4.0 GPA in your last year of school, to budget a certain amount of $ into savings for when you finish school are are “thrown into the outer world”. There are endless possibilities! :slight_smile:

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@Jack_Conte this is fucking awesome. it’s good to hear it from you, too, since I did so much management stuff in my old life, and felt like rejecting it all for artist life. it’s good to let some of it back in with a new perspective.

I voted for all ORIGINALS on the Best Of :neutral_face:

edit: tears at the end of an Annual Planning video? Proof it’s Jack Conte. Wish I could send a bunch of rainbows or a shower of brownies or whatever your favorite thing is upon you. Faith that the universe will take care of that and many, many more good things will come your way.

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It’s been almost a month of sleeping on it since you wrote this, so maybe you decided to go ahead and write an annual plan? If you haven’t, I encourage you to do one even though it may seem like it applies more to career rather than college. This is a process that will take practice, and the more attention you give it the more effective you will be at honing its usefulness. I insist it’s application is more life-oriented than specifically career-oriented. No pressure either way :slight_smile:

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