Will new patron be able to see previous month's post?

Let’s say a new patron got in on 1st of July. Will they be able to view all the previous posts?
I’m a cosplayer, I want to make a certain thing be able to downloaded for a certain month only, so I’m quite curious on how it exactly work. ><
Thank you!

Yes, they’ll have access to all the material from the tier they belong to. So if you want things available for just a month, you have to remove them manually.

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Isn’t it a bit unfair for the others who have pledge for couple months, and suddenly that one guy just came in and sees all the post? ><

No, why should it be? It’s not a competition.


I understand your feeling!
Like @joumana says, however, it’s not a competition “who gets the most value for the least investment”. It’s about supporting YOU as an artist (or whatever you consider yourself to be - I don’t consider myself an artist at all, but do welcome the support I get nevertheless).

If your argument would hold, the price for each new revision of a product - a car, a pizza, a newly bred type of dog - would have to be potentiated by the number of revisions done. Imagine you buy the latest brand of a good car, by your own standard you would have to pay for the current model, the previous model and all the models before, because you get the improvements each older model showed PLUS the latest improvements. Nobody would buy a car on that premise.
Which might be a good thing btw. Excuse the digress.

You could claim that art is not revisions. But it is. An artist that does not get BETTER with every artwork she publishes, is boring and is not worth any support (because what for would the support be?), so each new artwork is an IMPROVEMENT.
If you want to get paid for a specific piece of art or a specific piece of work, apply the pledge to that specific item, not to YOU as the provider of an ongoing process of improvement. Your patrons, if you are getting some monthly income from them, are supporting YOU. They support you for the work you did so far, they support you for the work you will do in the future - not for an AMOUNT of work that they “buy out” from you.

Again: You can sell your work, one by one, if you desire so. But don’t penalize someone who found out about your work just now by (wanting to) make him pay for all the time he missed your work.


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I was okay with that until I noticed some sly guys who pledges $1 to see all arts and then they delete pledge. So I decided to make $1 for all new and recent arts, $2 for arts older than 2 months, and $3 for the rest ones.
Though I’m still loyal to them, because if for example their lifetime pledge is more than $3 they can ask me in PM any fullsized pic posted before.
My patrons supported my decision so maybe that will be helpful for you too.

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Exactly!! It’s quite a bummer whenever I see people like that. :confused:
But don’t they be able to pledge for example $2 for the 2 months ones and remove the pledge?

I agree with you. I make post that are directly to Patron that everyone can view no matter what or where they start. Then the pledges for the previous month get emailed a special access code to my Dropbox which allows them bonus material for being a continued supporter. Maybe that will work for you?

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I think I wrote this in another thread about this same issue. I actually tag posts to exploit the fact that new patrons can see all the previous content I’ve posted.

For example, all my $3 patrons get a printable image sheet every month. I tag those, and every so often, I send out an email blast to my subscribers, with a link to that tag, reminding them that I have two years worth of image sheets posted, which they can access for a $3 pledge. Then, they can stay 'til the end of the month, without being charged again, and bail out—or, if they like what they see, they can stay.

I also remind my patrons under $3 that they can bump up their pledge, snag an armload of image sheets, and then jump back down again if they wish.

What do I care, if someone grabs all those image sheets for $3, and then leaves? It’s not like it’s hurting me any. Those image sheets are just sitting out there, doing nothing, so if they bring in a one-shot $3 pledge, that’s great.

And my long-term patrons don’t care, either. They support me because they like my work, not because they get an image sheet every month.

Patreon works best for me when I don’t think of it as a this for that sort of transaction. I am not selling image sheets for $3 each—well, I am, but I have a shop for that. On Patreon, I’m giving people a window into my daily work as an artist. I let my patrons put their own value on that. It’s pay what you want, not these image sheets are $3 each.