Withdrawal Failure

Tried to withdraw today (via Stripe) and it says there was a failure with the transfer and I should check my payout preferences. Nothing’s changed with my bank, and it’s always worked before, so invalid preferences doesn’t seem plausible.

I’ll try again later, but I’m wondering whether it’s just me or are others seeing this as well?

Same here! What a pile of horseshit!

Every new month it’s a new problem. Yesterday the page was down right when I posted something! Many patrons complaint that they did not get an notification email.

Today I’ve tried for two hours to pay out and every time they refuse to pay me!

I’ve learned from the past, there are always issues with Patreon and they usually are not very quick with solving it. Never be in need to pay immediate bills with Patreon Money!


This happened to me, which was REALLY scary. I pressed the button again and it worked. It was really weird that it told me that something was off - but without any other tweaking it all just worked like it should.

I live in the middle east where the only available option for me is Payoneer (which always works splendidly). PayPal also is out of option for me for political reasons. When I saw the error I thought the same happened to Payoneer which was really really scary and stress-inducing to consider.

Patreon, please. I could do with less impending doom in my life.

Wow! That was actually a really good tip! I pressed it again and again and after the 5th time pressing the repeat button it worked! No joke!

Brute Force Method FTW :smiley:

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I mean what I think is happening is that the transaction method they’re using right now is riddled with random bugs that may halt the process at any given time. When the process is halted, it just guilt-trips you with a standard error message instead of actually locating the cause of the problem. I’m glad it helped though.

Patreon, you aren’t Neopets and we aren’t living in 2006. This is me earning my wage, this really shouldn’t require me to brute-force a “PAY ME” button.

I came back with the “just push the button a lot” tip, and got it to go through.

Hard to believe the solution to getting paid is “try at least five times.” :frowning:


That worked for me - worked on the fourth try.

My guess is that lots of people are doing it at the same time and the system is failing requests.

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Sheesh. This is happening to me too on different devices. I guess I’ll just keep trying?

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Hi everyone, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Were you seeing this problem at a specific time? As I know we had site issues on Monday 1st so it may have been around then. Or was the problem persistent for a long time? If you could let me know when you saw it and if anyone is still seeing it now, that would be great!

It first happened just before I posted (7:14 AM Tuesday, Eastern) and then I got through just before I posted again (when I tried again on reading people’s advice – at 8:48 AM Tuesday, Eastern).

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Thanks! The payments team just confirmed that we did have some database connection errors on the payout endpoint between 3 and 6 am (PDT), which matches the time you reported. Apologies for this, and the extra frustration it caused you while you were trying to payout.

Everyone should be able to payout now, please let me know if you can’t @Darktoz @cuisine @girlwithasword and anyone else.


I still can’t do that. It’s my first time withdrawing my payout through payoneer.