Wondering if I should continue publishing content with no patrons

That’s a good question because I’m in the same (sinking it seems) boat.

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I’ve decided to stick to a publishing schedule, as @jaehermann, @Kestens_karel, and @Laura_Hepworth have pointed out above, it’s better to show consistency. I put in my tiers how often people can expect content, and I think it’s better to get into a rhythm and show I’m delivering what I’ve promised.

Yes, it’s work, but work I would be doing anyway if I had 1,000 patrons. (I’ve got three now, so getting there! :tada:)


Thank you @Eli_Bees, @J_Andrew_Gilbert, and @Viv_Williams! Consistency and value (ie. free content) are tried and true. I cherish the three patrons I have today as well.



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Glad to hear you’ve been getting more patrons! A schedule does help. I’m working on one myself.

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I don’t have any Patrons yet, but I’m sticking to that schedule of getting a bunch of posts published and scheduled for publishing. I think the main thing to do is make it professional but have fun with it. At least, that’s what I’m trying to do.

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