Wordpress + Patreon = Login for Mobiles not working

Hey guys,

I am on of those Patreon-Creators who uses a wordpress blog with member login to give patrons access to exclusive articles 'n stuff.

Now, a lot of patrons told me that the login with the “Login with Patreon”-button doesn’t work properly with mobiles (but works fine with desktops), which is highly unsatisfactory, since we’re living in a mobile age where users want to check stuff while on the go.

We also offer a monthly magazine which can be downloaded and a lot of patrons would like to read them on their mobiles, however right now they first have to login with their desktop pc’s, download the magazine and load it onto their mobiles.

Nick from Patreon told me that this issue is known and I should create a new topic on patreondevelopers.com, but I don’t have an account for that page and I certainly won’t create a third patreon account for a third page, when there is a community board.

So, is there something Patreon can do to make the login work with the popular mobiles browsers?

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