Wordpress Patreon Plugin - Payments & Levels

Hey everyone,

I started using the wordpress Plugin for Patreon some time ago, to give our readers access to a better layout and more functionality for our blog posts.

The Patreon plugin works with “Paid Membership Pro”, however if you start using PM Pro (like setting up packages) then users cannot login with their Patreon account and start reading right away.

Is there a possibility to make both modes work?

I am asking, because in Germany not everyone has PayPal PLUS if you want to register via Patreon, you should be able to speak English because the whole process of pledging and creating an account is in English language (no localization) which might scare off potential patrons.

I would like to offer another option of subscribing via PM Pro (with a Woocommerce shop, where you can pay with bank transfer).

If this is not possible, I would like to see some localization for the pledging process. You should be able to choose a preferred language as a creator, so that you’re potential patreons get to see the pledge & register screens in German, instead of English.

What do you think about that? Am I the only one having these issues?

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