WordPress Plugin - Patrons can't access content anymore

Hey guys,

I am using the wordpress plugin to grant patrons access to patron only content. Up until yesterday everything worked fine. Today I get lots of complains from patrons, because they cannot access the content.

I just pledged with a trial account. Usually no problems to access content if you are logged in with patreon and have pledged. Now it doesn’t work if I try either.

The plugin creates an account without mail address etc. in the backend, but these accounts don’t get access to anything.

Did you guys change any mechanics (API etc.) in the plugin? Because it’s not working like it has.

As far as I can replicate this issue, it looks like Patreon isn’t able to verify the pledge of the the patron. A new account is being created, but without Patreon credentials. which essentially means, that the account isn’t able to access content, where a minimum pledge is required.

I double (and triple) checked the Client ID and Client Secret ID + Creator ID in the Plugin settings (“Patreon Connect Settings”) and everything is as it was when it worked.

Does anyone else experience this issue?

Hello! I’m Buster and am the PM on platform at Patreon. I will investigate this and get back to you soon. If I may ask, where is your Wordpress site hosted and are you able to find the Wordpress plugin version that’s currently installed?

Hey buster,

thanks for getting back. I appreciate the help, since it is quite vital.

Site is hosted at http://patreon.aesirsports.de/
Plugin version is 1.2.4

Everything worked just fine until yesterday. Then I noticed that some new user accounts appeared, that have no affiliation with a patreon account (but also no e-mail address, no name, just random numbers). And when I tried it myself, I noticed that these accounts get created when patrons try to login in via “Login with Patreon” button from the plugin.

We’re still investigating this. By the version number it looks like you may be a Patron Plugin Pro (https://www.patreon.com/apps/patronpluginpro) and not the free Wordpress plugin… is that correct? Also can you verify whether or not you see an “update available” notice for your plugin in WP admin’s plugins section?

Hey buster,

I use the version that was developed and released by UIUX. Basically, I started using the plugin, when it was still developed by UIUX as a patreon creator - that is: before you guys released it for free (I had to pledge at https://www.patreon.com/wordpressplugin)

Not sure if there was any update since I got the plugin.

Ah… I think that may explain it. That plugin is no longer maintained. Our recommendation would be to uninstall that plugin and re-install the free version we now help maintain. Also, if you want direct access to the maintainer of that plugin, he’s very active on http://patreondevelopers.com, and goes by codebard. I’m happy to continue helping as well, especially if there are complications involved in a migration to the new plugin.

Hey Buster,

thanks for the information. The problem is, I was using the plugin for quite some time now and there are literally hundreds of posts. So how am I going to exchange the plugins?

When I try to activate “Patreon Connect” it tells me that the plugin could not be activated because it would cause a fatal problem. So I assume, I would have to turn the old on off, which would leave my patrons without access, before I can activate Patreon Connect.

And even then I would have to adjust literally hundreds of posts to the correct tier, which is just crazy.

So I would like to stay with the old plugin to be honest.

Hm… that does sound like a pain. I’d be happy to help to help figure this out, though. would you mind writing in to platform@patreon.com and mentioning that we’ve started chatting so we can work on it together?