Workshop: Advanced Discord Community Tools


Advanced Discord Community Tools with Cody Bell

Discord is a great platform for building an online community, and our integration makes it easy for creators to offer extra access and benefits to Patrons. Following last month’s intro session, Cody Bell is joining us again for an advanced course. In this session, Cody will be diving even deeper into what is possible on Discord- if you’re familiar with the platform and already have an established Discord community server, but are looking for more ways to expand and explore, this session is right for you. Cody Bell is an expert Discord user and creator of Manatee Gaming Runescape. Bring your questions!

Register here! A replay will be available afterwards.

About the creator:

Cody, AKA @ManateeGaming, is a content creator, mentor, and business consultant. He specializes in helping creators monetize their projects online, drive sales, and build brand communities. Cody currently manages a large online gaming community in Discord, and is the creator behind Manatee Gaming Runescape.

Have any questions for our team, or Cody, you want answered during the workshop? Leave your questions and comments below and we’ll make sure we prioritize asking them live.


If you’re newer to Discord, I encourage you to check out our first workshop, where Cody talks through the ins and outs of getting started on Discord: Workshop: Introduction to Discord :raised_hands:

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This was a great workshop. Definitely got a lot of ideas from it that I will keep in mind for my own Discord server.

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