Workshop: Budget better than Bowie w/ Lillian Karabaic

Hi all! I am SUPER excited to share that Lillian Karabaic will be leading a workshop all about creative finances this Wednesday, July 29th, at 12 pm PT, called Budget Better Than Bowie. (As always, if you can’t make it live, you can watch the recording.)

If you’ve got any questions for her, feel free to thread them here, or join us live and pop them into the chat.

Here’s the description:
Dealing with money as a creator can be frustrating. It can feel like there’s no roadmap for these weird careers we’ve made. From figuring out taxes to budgeting with variable income, to starting a retirement account to not spending all your money on fancy salad mix only to let it rot in your fridge, money can be emotional and full of overwhelm. In this workshop, with the help of some cats, spandex, and a little bit of Ziggy Stardust flare, we’ll walk through (in 5" platform heels) the financial basics you need to know as a creator in a helpful, fun, and non-terrifying way. You’ll leave with a plan for your next money steps, and maybe a little glitter.

And more about Lillian:
Lillian Karabaic lives in Portland, Oregon where she teaches personal finance to millennials through workshops, courses, and a weekly podcast as Oh My Dollar! She’s also a co-founder of StreamPDX, a community podcast studio in a 1960’s Airstream trailer. Previously, she was the Digital Director for the Democratic Party of Oregon, Development Manager at the Community Cycling Center, database manager at Bitch Media, the Zine Librarian for the Independent Publishing Resource Center and worked in outreach & education at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Oregon Walks. She served two terms in Americorps and is passionate about public service.

We are super lucky to have her expertise and cannot wait for the session.
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ooooooh I am going to try to shift my schedule around and get in on this!


Helllo lovely folks! I hope you “enjoyed” the workshop, as much as talking about money is HARD.

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