Workshop: How to set and hit your creative goals

How to set and hit your creative goals

Workshop: 2021-01-28T18:30:00Z

Join us to get a behind the scenes look at how @jackconte and his band Pomplamoose plan their vision for each year. From goals to tactical plans, Jack will share his step-by-step guide to help you set your creative business up for a successful year.

Workshop topics

  • Why build a plan?
  • What exactly is in an annual plan?
  • What questions you should ask consider?
  • How to chose where to focus?

Check out a preview of the workshop topics here!

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Don’t worry, if you can’t attend live a replay will be available afterwards.

About Jack:

Jack Conte is a musician, filmmaker, half of Pomplamoose, and a co-founder at Patreon, a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to earn salaries directly from their biggest fans. Patreon was founded in 2013, and is on track to pay out more than $2 billion to creators by the spring of 2021.

As a musician and filmmaker, Jack spent his days in a converted dog kennel-turned-recording studio in Sonoma County, making YouTube videos that have amassed over 120 million views. Now, he’s in full-time CEO mode at Patreon, where the company is paying millions of dollars to creators every month around the world.


I signed up last night! I can’t wait!

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Hi Jack, I just discovered Pomplamoose and then shortly after, that you are a Patreon Founder!
I wrote already today but I wanted to try one more time. I loved the session today. I am a 65 year old guy in San Francisco and I’ll use Patreon to publicize my first feature film, a comedy I am writing. Would you be so kind as to recommend a video editor here in the Bay and also a music producer/musician? I admire your videos and I want to hire someone for a few hours. Thank you! Billy V.

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Hi Jack and everyone,

I really liked the workshop and the general philosophy behind making an annual plan. I actually made my annual plan a few weeks ago with the provided YouTube video from a previous workshop. I had a few questions.

Some background on me: I am a YouTube and Twitch gaming commentator. I make Destiny 2 tutorials, news, top 10s, and funny moments. I am well known for my in-depth spreadsheets and build documents that are visually appealing and often include intense mathematical calculations.


  1. How do you properly invest money into your business’s growth? There are ways to reduce some menial work, but much of the stuff I do can only be done by me. How do I invest in my exposure outside of buying ad space?

  2. How do I find genuine and motivated creators that are professional? I believe that a lot of my growth and social needs can be solved through collaboration. It’s one of the focuses of my annual plan. However, I am constantly faced with unprofessional people who can’t even make a scheduled meet and never try to initiate a new plan. It’s a struggle between finding people successful and motivated enough to be professional and capable, but not too successful that they don’t have time to read your inquiries.

  3. In the workshop, Jack talked about how he had minimized his content burnout without giving too many details. What do I need to focus on to alleviate burnout?


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This was amazing, thanks to whole Patreon team for these workshops, I am attending every workshop possible and they are all SO helpful and inspiring. It’s like when you have no idea how to do something and someone just comes and tell you right away! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::pray::clap:

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Wow, that’s incredible story!!! :pray::sparkling_heart: Fingers crossed!!

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Hi, is there a way we can get access to the slides? I’d love a copy of the doc of questions Jack asks for his brain dump if possible.


Hey Hannah,

You can head to the event page and there’s a link under the slides window that says “Download Jack’s slides here”! Let me know if you don’t see this :slight_smile: