Workshop: Use the holidays to give your membership a boost

Use the holidays to give your membership a boost


The holidays and New Year are quickly approaching. Now is a great time to make some changes to your Patreon membership, run special promotions, and give your earnings a serious boost. In this workshop we’ll discuss how to make the most of the end of the year, and set simple and effective plans in place to keep your membership thriving well into 2021. :raised_hands:

In this workshop we’ll go over…

  • How to make the most of your membership during the holiday season
  • Running a Special Offer promotion
  • Making smart goals for the New Year and setting yourself up for success in 2021

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A replay will be available afterwards.

Have any questions for our team you want answered during the workshop? Leave your questions and comments below and we’ll make sure we prioritize asking them live.

BONUS: In the spirit of the holiday season, anyone who comments or asks a question below, before or after the workshop, will receive free Patreon swag :hugs:


Very excited about this one!! I’ve run some pretty successful holiday-themed special offers in the past and I’m hopeful that this will help me streamline that process. I’d love to hear some thoughts on timing — should we worry about online traffic falling off too close to the actual holidays? Do you have any data on the ideal length of time for a special offer? Is there a time that’s too early to start marketing a holiday-related offer?

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I’m not able to attend this live. Will this be recorded?


Really, really great questions! @laurab and I will be sure to gather and share what we find during the workshop.

Yes! Be sure to registerd through the link above, and a recording of the workshop will be emailed to you afterwards. :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thanks! :smile:

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  • What to avoid during the holidays for your patrons
  • What to DEFINITELY do during the holidays for your patrons
  • What to do with holidays in other countries? For example: I’m from the Netherlands, Thanksgiving is almost non-existing here. While we do celebrate Christmas Sinterklaas (no comments on that here please!!!) for us is the “season to give presents” and Christmas is more for family gatherings.
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One point I’d be curious to hear about is how the timing of the holidays influences people’s willingness to commit. Backing someone is another expense, are people more likely to jump in or hold off either before the holidays (too busy) or after (out of money)?


Great topic! I’d be interested in the timeline, f.e. when we should start promoting a special christmas offer. I feel like it is easy to be lost in all the holiday-noise and/or annoy people with starting to soon.

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I cannot wait to attend. I just opened up my Patreon and wanted to do something special for the holidays, so I can’t wait to learn.


Welcome to the forum @Ares! <3

Thank you! Signed-up. Looking forward to joining and learning.


I’m super excited for this but sadly I’m going to have to watch the replay because timezones :frowning:

Hello, will you also be covering strategy for digital creators? Im interested to know how those creators that do not offer physical products can boost their campaigns.

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Along with the to-do’s, I’d love some to-don’ts! What are common mistakes creators fall into this time of year, or when making goals for the new year?

Looking forward to the holiday ideas - we just launched a special offer - but are always looking for ways to keep that momentum train a rollin’.


Yes! We’ll have a recording for you! If you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email, or we will share that link here.

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Just signed up! Hopefully will see some help about beginner patron info!

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A great workshop. Thanks folks!

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Awesome workshop - excited to run a holiday promo now!

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Hi everyone -

If you missed the workshop or want a refresher, here’s the replay

Thanks again for joining!