Would You Click Away From My Patreon Page?

Hi there :smiley:.

So I recently hit my 1-year mark on Patreon and learned a lot in that span of time. To start the new year, I’d like to know if the current status of my page, meaning rewards, bio, etc., is appealing to people who don’t know me personally (my 3 patrons are family/friends :sweat_smile:)

I use the “per creation” method due to my complex health issues. For that reason I’m trying my best to take a decent break since I made content consistently all last year :hot_face:! I’m wiped.

Any helpful feedback would be immensely appreciated!

My Patreon

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Congrats on one year!

My main advice is that on your About section, you don’t tell me what you do? You talk about why you’re on Patreon but not what you’re offering; I only realised you’re an artist when I scrolled back up to the tiers and then down to your posts. So maybe lead with what you’re offering and then talk about why you’re on Patreon?


Hi @LilacGhostie - congrats on the one year mark! :raised_hands:

I agree with @francesca, including your story and your goals is a wonderful way to help your patrons get to know you, but it would be awesome to see more about what you create in your About Me. But your tiers are organized and simple, and I love the public posts! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this and your feedback!

So what you’re saying is, my introduction video isn’t enough? I was hoping it would be since it’s reel of my artwork but I can change it asap. I’ve tried embedding images onto my bio, but for some reason it doesn’t look right? Probably just me.

I’ll work on it right now thank you!

Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

I agree as well, and I’ll be getting to work on it asap. I also appreciate you taking so much time to check out my page :blush:

Quick question: if I don’t have a Flickr account, is it not possible to embed photos in my bio? Because every time I try w/ IG post images, it never works :confused:

I actually didn’t click the video (I rarely do unless the written info is really pulling me in or I already know the creator’s work). I recommend putting the artwork information in the copy and making it clearer so anyone glancing at the page sees what you do.