Would you use a "Couchsurfing for Patreon Creators"?

I’d be curious whether Patreon creators would value/use a way to privately/securely find other Patreon creators by location who may be willing to host you for a few days during your next trip? Also curious whether you would be willing to host other creators?

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Moin, Drew,

I am curious about this (and mainly respond because I fear you might not get that many responses at all, this community seems to be a tad “thin”): What, in your receiption, differentiates a “patreon creator” from any other unknown person that is (more or less) creative? For example: What, from your point of view, is the difference between a patreon creator and a YT creator? Aside from the obvious: The different platform.

Reason why I am asking this is: I expect patreon creators to be roughly about the same cut as “not Patreon creators”, with great girls and guys among them, a huge part of people I don’t really need to meet and a few nutheads that can ruin ones day in a blink of an eye. We have had people sleeping at our place, we had people caming on our horse pasture - but it’s always been people that we considered “likeable” (trying to avoid the term “we liked” :wink: ).

I fully get that there is a modern hype about semi-anonymous “place sharing”, which I find cool, but I don’t really get why there should be a specific “patreon creator tag” to that possibility.

If I need to stay some place and don’t find BnB, hotel or other means, I will definitely first ask people I know, probably those who make me go places :slight_smile: In my (personal, subjective, unfair) perspective I don’t really have a chance of getting to know Patreon creators well enough to even want to ask around here. Which is where I am probably very wrong, but I am willing to learn (even at my age :wink: )

P.S. not linking to German websites this time, so my post doesn’t get flagged as spam (insider joke)

I wouldn’t. When I signed up for Couchsurfing 10 years ago, at a time where I travelled constantly, I realized that I really don’t want to be staying with strangers, even if they’re verified lovely people. This is no different: I neither want to stay with, nor host, people I don’t know, even if they’re Patreon creators. Being on Patreon is no guarantee of being a good host or guest.

Hey Marc,
Thanks for your response.

What, from your point of view, is the difference between a patreon creator and a YT creator?

The fact that everyone has gone through the struggle to make something, and put together copy, a video, etc and generate community support. Most people are artists, musicians – and thus likely have something in common from a mindset/life values perspective. What if you had to be generating at least $500 / month? Would that change anything in terms of how much “trust” you’d place in other creators?

Maybe being a Patreon creator isn’t enough to be “trusted”. I’m open to that being the case too.

If you really think about it, everyone in the world is a “couchsurfer”. Most people just look to friends, family, and trusted connections rather than go to a website like Couchsurfing to find strangers to stay with / host.

Hi, Drew,

thanks for your response! It’s probably my somewhat broken English, I really don’t fully understand the gist of your comment, though:
You say “most people are artists …” - I hold highest doubts about that being true. Or did you mean “most people on patreon are artists”? That may very well be correct. But having “something in common from a mindset …” because they are artists - that I don’t understand. If “most people are artists”, exactly this feature somehow doesn’t really separate them, right? It would be the few non-artists that have something in common, based no your description.

What if you had to be generating at least $500 / month? Would that change anything in terms of how much “trust” you’d place in other creators?

This one I don’t understand either, to be honest. What does a patreon-income have to do with “trust” in people? I know some people who do very well on their creative skills (outside Patreon, completely) that I would trust my dogs’ lifes to - and others, same “feature”, who I don’t even want to talk to by drumming on their backheads. Money/income - in my experience - does not make any difference in terms of “likability” or “trustability” or whatever.

I really don’t want to ruin your thread, so maybe it’s best if I just shut up … I don’t mean any offense, I hope I don’t come across too German here, I was really trying to understand your angle on this.

If you really think about it, everyone in the world is a “couchsurfer”.

… no, absolutely and most definitely not :smiley: That’s very, very far from my reality for sure (in my world there are infants, old people, disabled people, people who don’t want to connect to people, people who insist in a certain style or comfort when travelling, people who want to WORK when travelling …)


Have you ever stayed with your parents, a sibling, cousin, uncle, grand parent, or best friend? That’s a form of “couchsurfing” (collectively, home stays account for 30-40%+ of all travel “stays”)

While I think everyone likes the idea of cheap accommodations, I would value privacy in my living space above everything. For that reason alone, I don’t think I would ever try couchsurfing. That’s a personal opinion, of course, but I need my alone time to recharge the social batteries.

Something to locate other creators to meet up and discuss the craft while you’re in town, however, sounds very interesting. I like meeting new people and talking ad nauseam, I just don’t want to stay with them.

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This thought is pretty much why I’m against it. I’ve been that friend/family member & been the host in that situation & it’s never ended well. The world is too diverse behind closed doors that I think it brings up too many hiccups