Wrong Tier in posts previews


I have seen a “bug” that is difficult to explain but I will try my best.

You know that when you share a post and a non patron see it it says “pay $10 to unlock” or something similar.

The thing is that the message shows the amount of the lowest tier required to see that post, even when the tier is unpublished already. So now when I post those posts it says “pay $5 to unlock” but it should say $6 because it’s the lower active and visible tier available for that content because that 5 dollar tier is an old one and you can’t choose it anymore and that’s a bit annoying because new patrons think they have to pay $5 instead of $6 and they get confused.

I hope this was clear enough!

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Hi @paramo, thank you so much for this bug report! It was very clear :slight_smile: I can confirm this is indeed a new bug - the team have replicated it, wrote a report, and will hopefully fix soon. Thank you again for helping make the Patreon experience better for everyone :smiley:

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Thank you for the quick response! I’m happy to help.

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