Year in Review: Suggestions on how to get new members from this post?

I made a video celebrating the first year of accomplishments as a creator on Patreon and am looking for suggestions as to how best to launch this on Patreon as well as across my socials/mailing list (as well as individual reaching out) to garner some new members?

I want to both celebrate and thank my current members while also intriguing some new folks…

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Here is the video:

Year in Review - Brett Gleason on Patreon

Just some background: I have been pretty steady at just under 50 members and believe I have a good number of prospective candidates sitting on the sidelines but am unsure exactly how best to go about this…

I am thinking of a post on Patreon that just for supporting members that is a pure THANK YOU post, I can then upload the video directly in my social sites, my email list and link to a new post which explains the goals of the next year (taking these demos into the studio for official recordings) and how being a member can help us accomplish them and be exciting for my followers to join…

I’m mostly trying to get more members in my community, the amount they pledge isn’t of huge importance at the moment as I believe I can get them to raise that later when I prove value and have more product to share.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me! Super grateful for your thoughts.
Brett Gleason

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Hi Brett! First off, I think that this video is a great idea and could be a very useful tool to both thank Patrons and get more of your fans to become Patrons.

Highlighting the milestone of a year on Patreon (congrats!) and showing all the songs you’ve made with the support of your Patrons is fantastic. Not only will this make your current Patrons feel valued, it will also open the rest of your fanbase to how important Patreon is to you and your ability to create. Including clips of your Patron only content is also a great way to show fans what they are missing to help entice them to join you on your journey, so I love how you include some of those clips and label them as exclusive content. It looks like you already have all the right ideas, but here are my top thoughts on how to best utilize this to grow your community.

  1. Spend a little more time at the beginning of the video to “bring your audience along for the ride”, create an emotional connection, and share the value of membership to your larger community. Try to give viewers the info they need to join you on Patreon within the first 30 seconds-- loop them into why you joined Patreon, what you were able to accomplish with their support, and what that means to you! This messaging is exciting for both existing Patrons and your fans.
  2. Set a Patron goal–for example, you could set a goal of reaching 200 Patrons in 3 months so that you can take these demos to the studio for official recordings in your 2nd year on Patreon. Having transparent goals with a timeline helps create urgency and inspire your fan base to take action to help you get there. Consider including this goal in your video introduction as well–by introducing the content as what you were able to produce with your Patrons in year one, and the goal of turning those very demos into studio recordings in year two, it is a great narrative to encourage more of your fans to come join your Patreon community.
  3. Share, share, share to your whole community!
  4. Unrelated to your video, but related to growing your Patreon community, you should consider launching a Special Offer:

Keep us posted on your progress and let me know if you have any other questions!


Hey Cassidy, thanks so much for the suggestions! I really appreciate it - whereas I’m reticent to make the video too much longer (especially at the intro) your input is extremely useful in terms of the language I’ll use for sharing it and how I can leverage this to make a specific goal to inspire folks to help us to take the next step to achieve our specific 2019 goals. And YES - I think a special offer is a great idea, thank you for pointing me in that direction - all much appreciated!

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