Your experience with the Wordpress plugin?

I was delighted to get an email informing me that the Wordpress plugin was ready! But I’m not a wordpress wizard so I would love to hear the experience of people who use it before I take the plunge and install. How is it working for you? Any conflicts with other plugins? Would it be easy to uninstall or would that mess up everything else? Was the response worth it for you? Thanks!

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I have not had any conflicts but there are a few things not working/included that I think should be.

There is an option to make the entire site Patron only and this does not work for me.
Also, there is no way to make a Page Patron only, only posts have the option for Patron only.

Right now the plug-in seems pretty basic and does not seem fully fleshed out.


Hey @kevinmorris22 good call - we’re looking into that as we speak. Thank you for reporting it.

In general that’s a good characterization. Our intention is in fact to keep it a very basic plugin, to leave room for creator/category-specific developers to extend because of the wide diversity of creators and wordpress usage out there.

The idea is that the core free plugin is what everyone can install, and then pick and choose additional plugins that build off of that in the same wordpress installation.

One successful example of this is that I highly recommend trying - it’s a paid/advanced plugin that works very well together with our core free plugin and adds a lot of the features some creators have asked for.

I hope that helps understand our vision for the core free plugin and how to make it most useful to the wide variety of content and membership businesses on Patreon.


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Hi everyone! I wanted to update and say that Wordpress support and feature ideas will now take place on if that’s valuable to future readers of this thread.

We welcome your ideas as well as reporting of bugs, questions etc.

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