ENTJ | Aug 15th | They/Them Hoi Hoi~ My pseudonym is PkingSora, Or~ Sora, Sorasuar and Bone. I am an adaptable artist; meaning,

I love to draw in different styles, using many techniques created and learned throughout the years! I take great pride in my work and being able to grasp most if not all artist styles- that is to say, there is NEVER room for improvement!

I’ve done prototype work for Shamrock foods, Murals for local communities in Colorado, Illustration for HYDE, well over thousands of commissions since the start of my career and I don’t plan to stop soon!

I am also a musician, plushy/felt maker, creature designer, and have been guest artist for many species on deviantart.

I’m pretty friendly and easy going person, always looking to help my fellow artists and creators!

So if you ever have any questions developing a species,or red lining an image, or a critique on a piece.

Feel free to shoot me a note! Kind Regards!